Our Story


Practical,Useful, Beautiful Clothing

Designed in Ojai, California

made ethically in Los Angeles by the sweetest

group of ladies you’ll ever meet.

Our inspiration comes from Vintage Americana

with a French and Japanese influence and the

Pioneer spirit of our grandmothers.

We do not see our clothing as precious,

but as beautiful tools to live our productive creative

lives in, we hope that these garments will be

worn well and that one day they too will become


Our Goal is to achieve a sustainability in what

we create, we are committed to natural fibers and

low impact dyes, our current sourcing of materials is from

dead stock and rements, using up what has been

cast aside

The construction of our garments harkens back to simpler times,

french seaming and hand finishing , we want to

build clothes that look as beautiful on the inside

as they do on the outside